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Healing the Sisterhood Wound with Andrea Greiner New Paradigm Female Relationships

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

The book I referred to in the video is Patriarchy Stress Disorder by dr. Valerie Rein, this should be mandatory reading for everyone (male or female) healing patriarchal conditioning.

In this episode, I talk to Andrea Greiner about healing the Sisterhood wound. We dive deep into:

  • Examples of the Sisterhood wound
  • Where and how it originated
  • How the Sisterhood wound is part of our patriarchal wounding
  • An activation to heal the Sisterhood wound
  • and more…..

An interesting side note, the activation with Andrea was so powerful that the day after it I had a breakthrough session with one of the many healers I work with, around being betrayed by my sister in a previous lifetime. Seeing the extra information within a lifetime I had already seen before gave immense context to a reoccurring pattern of sisterhood betrayal over multiple lifetimes that I will write about in the future. 

Let us know in the comments what new insights you may have gotten from the interview and how you experienced the activation.

The Sisterhood wound

The Sisterhood wound is one that many of us have felt and experienced throughout this life and many other lifetimes. It was placed a long time ago to disconnect women from their truest higher power. When women spend their time breaking each other down instead of joining together to stand in each other’s glory we are easily controlled and manipulated. It is a deep and dark insidious wound that the light is now shining on.

The incredible thing about RIGHT NOW, is that there is so much light shining on the fallacy that have been created and this allows us to heal through them and recreate through unity and love. The sisterhood wound is now calling upon us to be healed.

We can do this in groups, through collaborative marketing, through healing as women together, as leaning into safe spaces and also by disconnecting and releasing those that are not willing to rise out of the wound and into creation.

About Andrea

Andrea Greiner is the creator of Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™, a form of energy healing that integrates the activation of your meridian systems. Trained as a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, Andrea has now moved all of her business online. She primarily focuses her energy on bringing together leaders, healers, and female entrepreneurs into her Ray of Light Group Healing Membership Program and as a high-level coach providing Feminine Embodiment & Pelvic Floor Activations.

She currently has a few 1:1 client opportunities to fully activate your business and the consciousness you are birthing through your business. Additionally, her Ray of Light Certification Program continues to grow providing energy & business mastery for healers and entrepreneurs.

Andrea has been holding feminine embodiment group healing sessions where this wound is gently addressed and healed. She also offers this healing and contributes to the healing of this through her membership program where female leaders join to share in their creations and contribute to the success of another. For each of us has our own distinguishable bright light and we have no need to break each other up and dampen each other’s light.


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